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In the dark old days when I had a Twitter account, I came across a tweet by someone called Carl Reader when he named ten things other people like but he didn't. That got me thinking, eventually.


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At twenty-two, I explored different styles of Christian worship and drifted from one church to the next.

I eventually found a positive environment in one church and became involved with the youth club. Soon after, Debby crossed my path. I'd been spotted, and she made gradual moves into my line of sight.


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Some say never judge a book by its cover, but I couldn’t resist.

The cover, showing a silhouetted man holding a gun to his head, caught my attention thanks to Amazon’s Customers also bought section.

No sooner had I started to read, I stumbled.


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The world is on the brink.

Evil people kill good, a pandemic rages across the world, and millions of people have no access to clean drinking water.

Despite humanity's challenges, people get worked into a frenzy about the next new iPhone.

In the run-up to the iPhone 12's release, I scrolled through countless articles on the 12's new colours, ceramic glass body, super-duper performance, MagSafe charging, and bionic chips.

I also read political stories but only to feel more adult.

But, on 6th November I plan to sit at the Mac and pre-order the iPhone 12 Pro Max, like dozens of other people .

What is it about the iPhone 12 that drives me to pre-order, and re-join the Apple Upgrade Programme?


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I would love to publicly declare how my mind has evolved to the point where I wouldn't harm a fly.

But I can't, because I do harm flies.

When a bluebottle enters the home or garage, its minutes of life are numbered.

In the past, I would never have given a second thought to swatting a fly. But now, I pause and reflect. The insect represents much more.


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I have rarely enjoyed attending church.

This is a terrible thing for a Christian to admit, but I have always felt that if heaven was going to be like a church service, hell could be tempting.

My attempts to find a church, one in which I could be content, has had mixed success. But from early childhood, the signs were not good.


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I am sure the independent delivery drivers for Amazon shake their heads in bewilderment when they see my address.

I shake my head when I see another delivery driver.

Although I was a regular user of Amazon pre-COVID, the pandemic has catapulted my use to new levels.

Tonight I had another reminder of why.


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Memories are a mystery.

I'm at a loss to explain why my mind holds onto meaningless moments from the past, only to retrieve them at random.

When I was five or six years old, in the days of bread deliveries to the door, the bread man gave me a polo mint – once but never forgotten.

Thirty-five years ago, a colleague came to work in a raincoat, and I can still recall his walk along the office floor that day.

But not all moments are fleeting. There was one woman I encountered for a few hours when I was ten years old. I have adored her ever since, but we have never met.


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When I heard Apple was considering a bundle subscription offer, I thought, here was a chance to enjoy Apple Music and News+ at a competitive rate.

How disappointing then, when we got bundles camouflaged with marketing instead of something more enticing.


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Aside from holidays, one distraction from writing is the allure of YouTube.

When I switch on the desktop and begin to plan or flesh out a new post, YouTube accidentally opens a time travel doorway to the past.

My addiction to time travel began at the turn of the century, with the purchase of my first home computer.