iPhone 12: Why Go Pro?

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When I browse car showrooms to look at the model I'm not able to afford; I can't help but notice the extra buttons on the dash, doors and steering wheel.

On the cheaper car, the one I'm after, we have blank spacers, often plastic squares taking the place of buttons. The innocent-looking squares will act as a reminder over the years of the extras I didn't buy.

The #iPhone 12 offering is similar.

Influencers have discussed why they think the iPhone 12 is the phone for most people. However, while far removed from entry-level, the iPhone 12 has gaps for the third lens and LiDAR on its camera array. In a world of triple-lensed smartphones, do you want to have a phone for years that still mounts two lenses?

The new iPhone models have never been closer in terms of specification or price. And while some may disagree, my view has always been that if you can afford £800 for a new iPhone, you can also afford £1000.

£200 or in the case of my purchase method, a little over £8 a month for two years, means the difference is negligible. I plan to keep my new iPhone for two years, but life is too short to plan like that.

So ignore all the comparisons and the what-ifs. If you are in the market for a new iPhone and not attracted to the iPhone 12 Mini, then get the iPhone 12 Pro.

Don't think any more about it.

Buy stainless steel instead of aluminium.

Buy three lenses instead of two.

Buy night time portraits and dual optical image stabilisation.

Buy 800 nits maximum brightness instead of 625.

Now I sound like a silly nit.

Nor should you listen to the stories about supply chain shortages, or about next year's iPhone 13 showing off a 120Hz screen refresh rate while everyone this year will have to endure a measly 60Hz.

The stories and scare tactics are the same every year.

The new scare tactic this year is about scratches.

I look at my two-year-old iPhone XS which I'm trading in for the new 12 Pro Max. There are no scratches or marks of any kind. The phone is like new.

But now influencers are pushing the message that ceramic shield, Apple's new glass strengthener, might help drop protection, but allegedly still scratches.

Whoever heard of glass that scratches?

Scare tactics are, of course, to talk you into clicking on affiliate links to buy tempered glass screen protectors.

What kind of studios do #YouTube influencers record in when iPhones get scratched so easily?

Don't think about scratches any more either.

I'll end here with one scary film I found to be worse than a visit to the dentist.

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