Come on, Apple One Isn't Good Value

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When I heard Apple was considering a bundle subscription offer, I thought, here was a chance to enjoy Apple Music and News+ at a competitive rate.

How disappointing then, when we got bundles camouflaged with marketing instead of something more enticing.

I must be drifting away from Apple, at least in terms of income generation. Perhaps I'm no longer the customer the company is targeting.

I love music and flirt with various subscription services, and that includes Apple Music.

However, if I wanted to add tv+, as an individual, I would pay £15 per month instead of, well, £15 per month. No offence but unless you are interested in games, which I'm not, the other elements of the bundle are superfluous.

Sorry Arcade users.

The Family Plan looks more appealing, but it has no benefit for our couple-only household.

Amazon Prime, Netflix and BritBox supply sufficient levels of televisual entertainment so in all honesty, I don't need tv+.

What I'm interested in are Music and News+. Now if there were a bundle that offered those for £15, I'd snap it up.

But no, News+ is bundled in Premier, at £30 per month. You would have to take all the excess baggage (2 TB cloud storage, Fitness+, tv+ and Arcade).

Be afraid of bundles, be very afraid

Bundles should be called Handcuffs. The sole aim is not to offer the customer value for money but to lock in users.

For example, I would never subscribe to Sky for landline, TV and broadband. Nope. Think of the mess when you try to change broadband, but keep TV.

And please, oh please ignore the savings as billed on – the figures quoted include paying the full price for products you may not want.

Don't look at the savings, look at the overall cost and what you want. Then ask, is it worth it?

So what remedy do I recommend?

I propose a simple choice; like in a sweetie shop (candy store in the USA) we should have a 'Pick n Mix'.

£15 for Music and News+ is a no brainer. I'd sign up immediately. They are two products that interest me, and I get a discount for signing up to both.

As my iCloud storage is getting pretty full, £20 per month for Music, News+ and 2 TB of family storage would be attractive.

A saving of £7 per month -oops now I'm doing it.

But for now, Apple Music and when I need it, 200 GB shareable storage, will do for £12.50 per month.

That's less than £15, £20 and a lot less than £30, and I don't have the added benefit of renting services of no interested.

Here's a rhetorical question (since there's no comment feature on

Who on earth would be interested in Fitness+?

Can you think of any other way to get fit and healthy without a group of DVD-type fitness instructors shouting at you from the TV? – Sorry that's two questions.

We are also and will be for a long time, in a deep economic crisis. Apple is aware of the pandemic, so why does it think people are willing to pay £30 per month when economies around the world are shedding jobs in the tens of thousands? (Apologies, for another rhetorical question).

I have no doubt there are millions upon millions of potential customers out there who will benefit from the bundles. Apple is a trillion-dollar company and will have crunched the figures.

I love Apple but dislike their marketing.

So think carefully.


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