more than a little, but less than a lot

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It was with some trepidation I chose the Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max. Online reviewers exclaimed its hugeness, a gigantic phone that might as well be called an iPad Mini.

What have I done?


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I received the new iPhone 12 Pro Max today, and it is a beautiful device.

But there was something in the box I consider a waste.


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Humans have always searched for the meaning of #life until at least Douglas Adams revealed the answer was 42.

While I can't offer a comparable answer to life, the universe and everything, I can suggest some thoughts that might help you cope with the human condition.


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When I browse car showrooms to look at the model I'm not able to afford; I can't help but notice the extra buttons on the dash, doors and steering wheel.

On the cheaper car, the one I'm after, we have blank spacers, often plastic squares taking the place of buttons. The innocent-looking squares will act as a reminder over the years of the extras I didn't buy.

The #iPhone 12 offering is similar.


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I have enjoyed running for over six years, but in that time I've been injured several times.

Each injury sets me back and keeps me off the road for weeks if not months.

Is it now time to give up?


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The irony.

Following Part One, as I sit to plan Part Two of this story on scheming and conniving, my wife is in the room next door composing her sermon for Sunday.

Why have I walked away from church?

Am I a coward or am I too relaxed not to give a damn?

Here is a story about a few #Freemasons hungry for control.


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I have been doing the same job for over ten years, and until COVID arrived, seated at the same desk.

The job is well-paid, and millions in society earn significantly less. However, individual decisions or thoughts on my part have led me to become stuck. When I look back, it's not difficult to see where I went wrong.


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In the dark old days when I had a Twitter account, I came across a tweet by someone called Carl Reader when he named ten things other people like but he didn't. That got me thinking, eventually.


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At twenty-two, I explored different styles of Christian worship and drifted from one church to the next.

I eventually found a positive environment in one church and became involved with the youth club. Soon after, Debby crossed my path. I'd been spotted, and she made gradual moves into my line of sight.


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Some say never judge a book by its cover, but I couldn’t resist.

The cover, showing a silhouetted man holding a gun to his head, caught my attention thanks to Amazon’s Customers also bought section.

No sooner had I started to read, I stumbled.


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